Company Event Inspiration

What's a Company Event board?

Company Event boards bring colleagues together for team- or company-wide initiatives and campaigns.

Typically, Company Event boards have one central theme as the title and all posts on the board are tied together through that united theme. Company Event boards aren't typically delivered to any one recipient, but offer colleagues and teams the opportunity to engage with one another. 

What occasions could a Company Event board be created for?

General year-round:

Heritage & Identity Recognition month celebrations

Employee Resource Group event documentation

Recipe shares

Team Pets

Fundraiser participation

Conference reflections

All Hands inspiration, main takeaways and outstanding questions

Equinox boards

Currently Reading

Fundraiser awareness

Vendor recognition 

Community Challenge

CEO/President Birthday


Education specific:

New student welcome

Study abroad program highlights

Education week



Teacher appreciation

Colloquium reflections



Caregiver appreciation


Conference reflections



Costume contests

Gratitude month

Holiday cheer

New Year's Resolutions




For more information on board types and their default settings, visit this support article

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