4 Tips To Increase Board Engagement

Set the Example, Let Contributors Follow Your Lead

To ensure success with your team, make your first post on a Kudoboard, before inviting others, really good. Add a nice message and include a GIF, image, or video to go along with it. Make your post impactful by being specific. The more specific, the better because people tend to feel appreciated when recognition is personalized, and unique to a specific situation. If you leave a post like this, people will follow your lead.



The Power of a Direction Post

Consider adding a direction post to the top of your board. In your post, include a brief description of what you hope to create on the board. Set the scene for contributors and outline the parameters of the board so that contributors have guidance when they post. Pin the post to the top of the board. This way, it's the first post that all contributors review when they visit the board. 



Set a Deadline for board Contributions

In your board invite, include a deadline for when you expect to have all posts submitted on your board. This way, contributors have incentive to post before then. 



Create Different Kinds of Boards

Kudoboard is a human tool, powered by individuals who want to share appreciation and recognition with the people they value. As a board creator, take our permission to get creative with your boards. For example, deliver a welcome board to a new hire or as another option, have all new hires within a given quarter add their posts to the same board, like in this example. Both options include new hires, and give these teammates a chance to connect with their broader teams in different ways.

Check out this resource for more board ideas.

We encourage you to follow your own whims to create engagement. You know your organization best. What would bring you together? We'd love to hear what you come up with; email help@kudoboard.com with any boards that you're proud of and we will happily review for the joy of it!




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