Can I create a board with just one post? (Solo Boards)

Yes! Solo (single post) Boards are great for direct, personalized appreciation between individuals for one-to-one or one-to-many use cases. These boards allow one post only and can be purchased for $3.99/board. 

To create a Solo board, follow these steps:

1. Select + Create a Kudoboard from your Dashboard while logged in to your account, or go to the board creation page.


2. Select an occasion (thank you, welcome & onboarding, etc.), and enter the first and last name of the recipient, as well as the title for your board (for example, Thank You, Jane!).

Optionally, add more recipients by selecting Add Another Recipient and filling in their names (you can always add additional recipients later as well). 

3. Choose Single Post as your board format and whether you'd like to collect funds for a gift card (this can be turned on and off in the board settings as well), then click Next

4. Choose whether you'd like to purchase a full-featured $3.99 Solo board or continue with a free demo Solo board (limited functionality - no delivery). You can also choose a Premium Package from this screen, as all Premium Packages allow for the creation of unlimited Solo boards at no additional costs. 

5. Add your message to the recipient by clicking + Add a post.

6. You can enter text, and add a still image, GIF, or video just as you would when adding a post to a Multi-Post board. Once you've created your message, click Post.

You're all done!

A Few Things to Note: 

  • You can change the background (paintbrush icon) and schedule the delivery of the board (paper airplane icon), as well as add a gift card (gear icon > Gift Card), just like a multi-post board. 

  • There is additional customizability with a Single Post Board. Click the capital "T" to the left of your post to change the font and size of both the title and body of your message. 

  • You can also flip the orientation of your post if you'd like the image on the left and your post on the right by clicking the two rectangles with the curved arrow icon above the capital "T". 

The icons mentioned above are pictured below: 

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