Is there a limit to the number of contributors I can have on a Kudoboard?

For individual boards (mini, premium, milestone), there is a limit to the number of posts (not contributors) that a board can have depending on the type of board chosen. Specifically:

  • Mini boards can accept 10 posts
  • Premium boards can accept 100 posts
  • Milestone boards can accept unlimited posts

You can upgrade between Mini, Premium, and Milestone at any point.

For subscriptions (starter, business, enterprise), all boards can accept unlimited posts.  Pricing is dependent on the total number of users you give access to the system, including board creators and contributors.

See the Kudoboard pricing page for more detail.



For example, if you choose Premium and person posts a post that counts as one post towards your 100 post limit, whereas if you chose Milestone you can have an unlimited number of posts that contributors can add.

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