What's the best way to onboard my team onto my Business plan?

On a Business plan, you can upload a CSV with all your users.  If you do this, you'll set a temporary password for your users, and you'd then send them a note letting them know they have access along with their login details (we don't send the email).

However, we typically recommend an alternative approach to onboarding.

Simply create a board for a special occasion (like a teammate's work anniversary) and invite your teammates to contribute.  This will typically get users more excited about the platform and likely to onboard (vs. simply sending them access to a new platform without a clear call to action).

For larger organizations with multiple teams, you can upload a CSV with your "champions" who you believe are likely to create boards.  Then, these champions can create boards and invite their teammates to contribute to a particular board (and those users can enroll as part of the contribution process).

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