Do I need to pay each time I create a Kudoboard?

You do not! We are happy to report that Mini boards are free, can accept up to 10 posts, and allow GIFs and images to be added to posts. You can create as many Mini boards as you like; there is no limit.

If you would like to be able to have more than 10 posts on a board, you can:

  • Pay one-off each time by upgrading the board to Premium or Milestone.
    • Premium boards are $5.99 and accept up to 100 board posts.
    • Milestone boards are $19.99 and accept an unlimited number of board posts.
  • Purchase an ongoing subscription (Premium Package, Business Plan, Enterprise Plan) that entitles you to multiple boards (Premium Package) or unlimited boards (Business/Enterprise Plan).

More information can be found on our pricing page here:

Have you created your board? Put together a list of friends, family, or co-workers and invite them to post on the board.

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