How do I create a Kudoboard?

Creating a Kudoboard is easy! Follow these steps and begin creating a board now:

1. First, go to 

2. After entering the first and last name of the recipient, along with the title for your board, for example, "Happy Birthday, Jane!", then click Next.

3. You will see three options for the board type you wish to create: Mini Board, Premium Board, and Milestone Board.

4. After making the selection that's best for you, click finish. 

Once you are viewing your board you can begin adding messages and editing your board. If you need to upgrade your board later, you can do so at any time by clicking "Settings" (gear icon) then "Upgrade Board."

If your organization is on Kudoboard for Business / Enterprise, there a few additional options.  The most important thing to note is you need to start at (rather than and the rest is straightforward.

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