What are the features on Kudoboard for Business (or Enterprise)?

At its core, Kudoboard for Business (or Enterprise) is the same as Kudoboard -- an online reimagining of the card that's passed around and signed. 

Most people purchase it so that their team/org can have unlimited boards rather than paying one-off each time. 

However, there are quite a few extra bells and whistles available which can add to its usefulness:

  • Multiple Board Creators -- Unlike the Starter Plan, Kudoboard for Business allows you to give multiple users (or even everyone) the ability to start new Kudoboards for special occasions.

  • Custom Branding - Add your logo as well as your own custom backgrounds to make the boards feel more specific to your organization.

  • Private Subdomain -- Rather than having all your boards live on kudoboard.com, you'll have your own subdomain (e.g. https://your-org.kudoboard.com) where all your boards live.

  • Shoutouts - The majority of Kudoboards are for a specific person (John's birthday, Sally's work anniversary, etc).  However, you can use a Shout Out board to enable back-and-forth thank you cards on a single board among multiple individuals.  This works great for special events (like virtual conferences) when you want to allow many individuals the opportunity to recognize each other.

  • Reactions & Comments --Increase the engagement on certain boards by enabling users to respond to individual posts.

  • Embeddable Slideshow -- Using an iframe, you can embed the Kudoboard slideshow on your website or intranet.  This can be a great way to showcase a Kudoboard.

  • Usage metrics -- Understand how your platform is being used as a whole.

  • Added Access Controls -- On non Business/Enterprise boards, all boards are accessible given the link.  If you want to place boards behind a login wall (and require a company email in order to view them), that is possible on Kudoboard Business.

  • Additional User Permissions -- Designate certain users as admins (with added privileges) and keep others as standard users on your system.

  • SSO (Enterprise Only) - We use SAML 2.0 and can integrate with a wide variety of setups (like Okta, etc).

  • Dedicated Support (Enterprise Only) - Account manager who works with you to get questions answered, increase usage in your organization, etc.

If this sounds like a good fit, we recommend starting a free 30-day trial here.

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