How can I tag someone in a post?

Tagging is only available on Kudoboard for Business + Enterprise plans (or company events).  It can be enabled by the board creator to allow contributors to notify a specific person about a post. 

To enable tagging as the board creator follow these steps: 

  • When viewing a board click Settings (gear icon on the top right) > Scroll to Extras section at the bottom of the pop-up panel > Click the toggle bar next to Tagging to enable the tagging feature. 

To tag someone on a Kudoboard (once it's enabled), follow these steps: 

  • Click Add to board at the top left of a Kudoboard > Click the @ symbol at the bottom right of the text box > Add the email address & name of the person you want to tag along with your message > Post your message. 

After you tag someone and submit a post, the person tagged will receive an email letting them know.  

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