How can I tag someone in a post?

Tagging is only available on Business and Enterprise plans and Company Event boards. Tagging can be enabled by the board creator, board admins, and org admins to allow contributors to notify a specific person about a post. 

To enable tagging on a board, follow these steps: 

  • When viewing a board click the Settings button (gear icon on the top right)
  • Scroll to the Extras section at the bottom of the pop-up panel
  • Click the toggle bar next to Tagging to enable the tagging feature. 


To tag someone on a Kudoboard (once it's enabled), follow these steps: 

  • Click Add to board at the top left of a Kudoboard
  • Enter the @ symbol
  • Start typing the name of the person you'd like to tag and click on their name when it populates (the user you tag needs to be registered on your Kudoboard site)
  • Post your message

After you tag someone and submit a post, the person tagged will receive a notification.  

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