How do I thank my contributors?

If your board creator delivered a Kudoboard to you through our email system, we send you an email shortly thereafter (within an hour) to allow you to thank board contributors.

Within this email, you will have the option to reply to all contributors with a personal thank you message via the link provided. This link does not expire, and you're welcome to send the thank you message more than once if other contributors later add to your board. 

To send the thank you message:

1. Click the link provided for you in the email titled "Thank your Kudoboard Contributors"

2. The link will open a page that will have a text box on the left where you can write the thank you message. 

3. Write the message you'd like to send to the contributors who provided their emails. 

4. Click "Who Will Receive Your Message". The system will automatically select all recipients who provided their emails and have not already received a thank you message, but you're welcome to de-select any you do not want to receive the message.

5. Check the email preview to the right, and then click "Send" below the text box to send the thank you message. 

Please note that those who posted anonymously (without creating an account) will not receive this thank you email. You can see a list of those who did not provide their email by clicking "Who Will Receive Your Message" and scrolling to the bottom. 

If your board was not delivered through Kudoboard (as your board creator simply sent you the board link directly), they can also provide you with a link to the "thank contributors" page.

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