Do Org Admins See Every Board In Their Dashboard?

If you are an Org Admin on a Business or Enterprise plan, please note that all boards will not automatically display in your dashboard — your dashboard only shows boards that you have personally participated in (i.e. you created them, posted on them, were made a board admin on them, or were invited to post on them). This helps to streamline the dashboard, as some organizations have thousands of boards and showing them all could potentially be overwhelming. 

All boards can be viewed, however, by doing the following:

1. Go to your Admin Panel, select Metrics, and then select the Boards tab —

2. You can edit the date range to see all boards created on your subdomain in a certain time frame. 


You can add any board to your dashboard by making yourself a board admin for that board.

To make yourself a board admin on a board:

1. Open the board.

2. Click the Settings button that looks like a gear.


3. Scroll down to the Administration section and select Add Board Admin


4. Enter the email address of your Kudoboard account and select Save. The board will be in your dashboard going forward.


Tip: Explore the several options available for inviting contributors to post on your organization's boards.



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