Can I enable Slack on my Pro or Enterprise plan?


The Slack integration is available on our Pro or Enterprise plan offering. Our Slack integration allows you to do several things with your Kudoboard group cards which trigger Slack notifications:

  1. Invite contributors to post on your group cards
  2. Deliver your boards on particular occasions (either through DM or in Slack channels)
  3. Tag other users (if you want to mention someone on a group card)

To Get Started:

1. Go to the Integrations tab of your Admin Panel. (

2. Select Connect Slack and then Allow.

Inviting Contributors via Slack:

1. Open the Kudoboard on which you'd like contributors to post.

2. To the upper right of the title click the Invite Contributors button that looks like a person with a plus sign.


3. Select the Slack option.

4. Choose whether to invite contributors via direct message or in a channel.


5. Enter the Slack users' names.

6. Click the I'm not a robot box and select Send invites.


Recipient view

When you invite an individual to a board, the invite shows up in the Kudoboard app:

When you invite a Slack channel to a board, the invite shows in the channel:


Scheduling Delivery of a Board via Slack

1. On the board, click the Schedule Delivery button that looks like a paper airplane.


2. Select Slack.


3. Under Recipient(s) click the dropdown to select Deliver in channel or Deliver via direct message.

   -If choosing Deliver in channel, enter the channel name as well as the board recipient name(s).

   -If choosing Deliver via direct message, enter the board recipient name(s).

4. Enter an optional custom message that will go to the recipient(s) upon delivery.

5. Select Deliver Now or Schedule Delivery

6. If scheduling delivery, fill in the delivery date, time, and time zone. Then select Save Changes.



Recipient view

When an individual receives a board via Slack, the delivery shows up in the Kudoboard app:

When a board is delivered to a channel, the delivery shows up in the Slack channel, and at least one recipient is tagged directly in the delivery message:


Tagging Colleagues via Slack

Tag a colleague when adding or editing a post on a board.

1. Open the Kudoboard and select Add to Board


2. Create your post. The post can be text, media, or a combination of text and media.

3. Type @ and the name of the colleague you'd like to tag. Their Slack user name will appear after you type a few letters. Click the Slack user name and the check mark.


4. Select Post. This is the final step as it saves your post to the Kudoboard and sends a Slack message to the colleague you've tagged.


Recipient view

When you tag an individual on a board, the notification shows up in the Kudoboard app:


Engagement Reminders 

For shout outs and company events/initiatives/campaigns, you can enable regular engagement reminders, and send those engagement reminders to a specific Slack channel (consider creating a #shoutout specific channel). When someone is tagged in a post, the connected channel automatically receives a notification, and the individual who was tagged is notified directly.

When engagement reminders are enabled, shout out boards tend to attract significantly more use because users remain engaged on a regular basis.



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