How to Create a Photo and/or Video Montage

Creating a photo and/or video montage with Kudoboard is easy and fun!

1) To get started, first make sure that your Kudoboard has slideshow functionality.

Kudoboards that come with slideshow functionality include:

  • Milestone boards
  • Memorial boards
  • Company Event boards
  • Graduation boards
  • Boards created through Business and Enterprise plans

If you currently have a free Mini board or a $5.99 Premium board, your board can be upgraded to a $19.99 Milestone board at any time. Upgrading your board to Milestone makes it possible for your board to have slideshow functionality and accept an unlimited number of board posts.

Upgrading your board to Milestone can be done by either:

1. Going to your Dashboard and scrolling to where you see your board, and next to Posts selecting Upgrade


2. On the board itself going to the board's settings by clicking the gear icon. In the upper right of the settings it will say Upgrade Board.

Once you are on the upgrade page, select Milestone for the type of board you would like, enter payment information, and select Upgrade Board. Learn more about Milestone boards here.

2) The next step is to invite contributors so that they can add their posts to the board.

Want to create a photo and/or video montage? Encourage your contributors to add photos or videos to their posts. There will then be lots of great photos and videos for your slideshow!

3) As easy as clicking Play.

After you create the Kudoboard, no additional steps are needed to create the slideshow. A slideshow of the current board posts can be played at any time by clicking Play Slideshow. The Play Slideshow button is located on the board as well as in your Dashboard.


4) Include all posts in the slideshow or skip videos.

Upon clicking Play Slideshow, the resulting slideshow/montage will default to including every post from the board. Depending on the length of the videos on the board, your preference might be to click Skip videos so that videos aren't played while playing the slideshow.


If you would like to undo this selection, simply click Include videos.

5) Customize the montage order of play.

Want the board posts to play on the slideshow in a particular order? This can be achieved through modifying the order of the posts on the board itself. The posts can be thought of as playing from left to right, starting at the top of the board. 

To move a post on the board, click the four arrow icon and drag the post to your preferred location.


After moving posts, click the Play Slideshow button to play the slideshow with the updated order.

6) Download the slideshow.

Want a permanent copy of the slideshow? As the board creator, you have the option to download the slideshow through selecting Export Video.


Play an example slideshow or create a board.


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