How do I add to a Kudoboard's gift card?

Boards that have gift collection enabled will have an Add to gift card button at the top of the board.


It will be possible to contribute to the gift card through selecting 'Add to gift card' or while adding a post to the board.

Contributing to the Gift Collection Through Selecting 'Add to gift card'

Select 'Add to gift card' to contribute to the gift collection. Please note that, although it is required to be logged in in order to contribute to the gift collection, your contribution to the gift collection is always anonymous. Your identity is never revealed and the individual contribution amounts are not shown.

Select a contribution amount of $5, $10, $25, or $50, or select Other to enter a custom amount. Please note that all values are in USD. $500 USD is the limit for an individual contribution and $1,000 USD is the limit for total gift card contributions per board.


Enter payment details, check the box next to 'I'm not a robot,' and select Contribute in order to officially submit your contribution to the gift card. Please note that there is a processing fee for all gift contributions. For example, a processing fee of $0.96 is added to a $5 gift, for a total payment of $5.96. 


Additionally, per the Gift Terms of Service, all sales are final and there are no cancellations, refunds or exchanges permitted.

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