What is the difference between a Memorial board and a Milestone board?

The $99.00 USD Memorial board offers some features that are normally only found in our business subscription plans. The features that come with the Memorial board are:

  • Personalized URL for your Kudoboard
  • Allow unlimited posts
  • Custom Background
  • Embeddable Slideshow
  • Multiple admins: Give multiple people admin access to the Kudoboard
  • Proactive Moderation: Preview posts before they go live

For more information on Memorial boards and to purchase this type of board, visit:



Our $19.99 USD Milestone boards include these features:

  • Allow unlimited posts
  • Can be played as a slideshow
  • Custom Background

For more information on Milestone boards and to purchase this type of board, visit:



Either option will work well as an online memorial of memories, photos, and videos. The biggest difference is the range of features offered, so it's all about preference!

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