What is a digital download for a Kudoboard?

A digital download is an image snapshot of the board at the time the download is requested.  The file will be in a JPG format, and any videos or GIFs on the board will be shown as a still image. You can request a free digital download at any time when you upgrade your board to a Premium ($8.99 USD) or Milestone ($19.99 USD) board, and there are no limitations on the number of requests. 

Note: Digital downloads are not available on our $5.99 USD Lite boards

Unfortunately, it's difficult to print quality prints of boards using this JPG file on home printers because the file needs to be printed at certain dimensions in order to print clearly:


We recommend printing the JPG file of your poster at a local print shop.

Below please see details on how to digitally download a Kudoboard:

1. Open the Kudoboard.

2. To the upper right of the Kudoboard's title, click the Download or Print button that looks like a printer.

3. From there you will be taken to our Kudoboard Print page, where you can choose digital delivery. Ensure the blue Poster button is selected and pick Delivery: Download JPG and download the board via a link that will be sent to your email. Once that link is clicked the board will be downloaded to your computer.

When selecting a background for the board, we'll mention that seamless and/or repeating patterns look best on board downloads and poster prints. The board background can be edited through clicking the Change Background button on the board that looks like a paintbrush. 



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