How do I deliver my Kudoboard?

Method 1: Send the Kudoboard via by scheduling delivery.


1. Log in to the Kudoboard account used to create the board and view the board from your Dashboard.


2. In the upper left-hand corner of the board, click the button with the paper airplane icon that says "Deliver"

3. In the side panel, fill in the recipient’s name, email, and an optional custom message. You can choose to notify contributors of the delivered board as well by checking the box under the custom message field. Then click Schedule Delivery.  


4. Almost done! Now fill in the delivery date, time, time zone, and whether you’d prefer automatic or manual delivery (we recommend automatic).  Then click Save Changes at the bottom of the side panel.



5. You’re all done! After clicking Save Changes, your delivery status will automatically update to Scheduled.  

Method 2: Send a direct link to the Kudoboard via email, text, FB message, or any other service used to communicate.
1. Getting your Kudoboard link can be done by logging in and going to your Dashboard.
2. From there, click on the name of your Kudoboard or View Board, and click the eye icon in the upper right-hand corner of the board to switch to recipient view. 
3. Then, copy the board URL and paste it into the messaging service of your choice. 

Other options for delivery: If your Pro or Enterprise plan is integrated with either of these platforms, you can also deliver your board through Slack or Teams.

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