How do I deliver my Kudoboard?

To add/edit the delivery date for a board you'll want to do the following:

1. From the home dashboard click view board

2. From the board options above the title choose Schedule Delivery, which will open up a side panel on the right.

3. From the Deliver Later option at the top of the panel click edit.

4. Input the name/email for the recipient and then select either Deliver Now/Schedule Delivery

  • If you choose to deliver now the Kudoboard will be automatically sent to the recipient.
  • If you choose Schedule Delivery you can input a date you are wanting and then select Manual/Automatic. 
    • If you select Manual we will send you a reminder email and you can deliver the board when ready.
    • If you select Automatic we will email the board to the recipient(s).

5. Lastly, click Save Changes and your selections will be saved. 


You can also check out this How to Video as well:

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