Do I need a Company Event board, or will a Milestone board work for my purposes?

Company Event boards offer all the features of Milestone boards plus:

  • Your logo at the top
  • Custom background
  • Custom URL
  • Proactive Moderation (i.e. ability to approve posts before they go live)
  • Multiple administrators
  • Embeddable slideshow 
  • Export options (to download high res version of images/videos)
  • Metrics (posts, page views, referral sources, etc.)
  • Additional privacy options (to place your board behind a login wall if desired)
  • Dedicated support person

If you are looking to collect unlimited posts on a single board and do so on a budget, the Milestone board is for you. If you would prefer all the bells and whistles, reach out to us at to learn more about Company Events or submit an inquiry form.

Tip: Have the next Kudoboard you create be for a photo contest

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