Destination Countries & Shipping Times for Poster Prints

Poster prints can be shipped in the continental US, though you can always download a digital version of the poster at no added charge and print it at a local print shop wherever you are located.

Below please see details on how to digitally download the Kudoboard:
1. Open the Kudoboard.
2. To the upper right of the Kudoboard's title, click the Download or Print button that looks like a printer.
3. From there you will be taken to our Kudoboard Print page, where you can choose digital delivery. Ensure the blue Poster button is selected, pick Delivery: Download JPG, and download the board via a link that will be sent to your email. Once that link is clicked the board will be downloaded to your computer.

Shipping times (between order and delivery) for posters range from 1-2 weeks.


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