How much does it cost to order a poster print of my Kudoboard?

Kudoboard printing costs $20 + $4 / square foot. Shipping is $9.99. Most prints, including shipping, come out between $40-$80 USD.  More generally, you can expect a board with 30-50 posts to cost ~$50, depending on the amount of media present and the length of messages received.

If your board is ready to print, you can calculate the exact price by following these steps from the Download or Print page:

1. Make sure Poster is selected.

2. Select your preferred Print Size, and then select Print and Ship.

3. From there, click Calculate Price. The poster dimensions and price (excluding shipping fees) will appear above the print preview to the top right. 

Please note we only ship in the contiguous US. Anyone worldwide can download the print as a JPG file (at no charge) and print it at a local print shop.

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