How do I embed or share the Kudoboard slideshow on my website?

Embeddable slideshows are only available on Memorial boards, paid business plans, and Company Events.

Review an example slideshow embed here.

To embed the slideshow:

  1. Play the slideshow
  2. On the bottom right hand corner of the screen, click the Share button.
  3. Choose Embed to copy the code for your slideshow.


On all slideshow enabled boards, you can share the slideshow link by following steps one and two above, then clicking Copy Link and pasting that on your website or sending it via the messaging service of your choice. 

Please note that, outside of Memorial boards, you must be on an upgraded (i.e. non-trial) business plan to access the embed code feature, however, you can always use the Copy link feature to share the URL of your slideshow even if your board is not a Memorial board or part of a business account. 



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