Can I export the slideshow of my Kudoboard?

Board creators and board admins have the option to export and download the slideshow. Additionally, on business and enterprise plans, Org Admins have the ability to export the slideshow of any board created through the organization's account.

To export the slideshow:

1. Open the board.
2. Click the Play slideshow button (triangle icon) while viewing the board as the recipient (the eye icon). The Play slideshow button can also be accessed from the Dashboard.


3. Your slideshow will begin to play. In the bottom right hand corner of this screen, click the settings button, then choose Export video.


4. You will receive an email with a subject of 'Your slideshow video is ready.' Click the Download now button to download the slideshow.

Tip: If you have a business or enterprise plan, consider creating a shoutout board, where teammates can further engage through commenting on each other's posts and reacting with emojis❤️. It's a great way to encourage the team to share appreciation!
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