Is Kudoboard Accessible?

We are happy to report that we are dedicated to making Kudoboard accessible. You can download and view our VPAT at the bottom of this article.

Some of the updates we've made include:

  • Added labels for screen readers for icon-only buttons
  • Added labels for screen readers for form inputs with inadequate text labels
  • Address concerns for those with a "prefers reduced motion" browser setting (i.e. no animated GIFs for these users)
  • Fixed screen reader labels on our dropdown menu component 
  • Improved the experience for low and no vision users both for contributing to boards and creating boards

Technical Specifications

Accessibility of Kudoboard relies on the following technologies to work with the particular combination of web browser and any assistive technologies or plugins installed on your computer: 

  • HTML 
  • CSS 
  • JavaScript

These technologies are relied upon for conformance with the accessibility standards used.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to with any questions regarding accessibility.

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