What kinds of custom backgrounds can I upload?

You may upload a variety of different images as your custom Kudoboard background. Below are some tips and tricks to ensure that your background fits well on the board, and adds the unique value you intend for it.

Backgrounds that work well regardless of the aspect ratio of different users' devices are seamless repeating patterns that can be stacked next to each other for a continuous look, like this background option included on our platform: 



You may also add photos and illustrations that are non-repeating patterns, like this example from our platform:



When adding custom backgrounds that are non-repeating patterns, it may be helpful to keep the aspect ratio of different users' devices in mind.  Below, examine the dotted line to understand how your background will be displayed on the following devices:

laptop.jpgDesktop.jpgKudoboard_Grid_-_Tablet_V.jpg Htablet.jpgmobile.jpgintersect.jpg

2000px Width by 1400px Height tends to be an optimal size for a background uploaded.

Please note that custom backgrounds can be added to Milestone, Memorial and Company Event boards, as well as all boards created on business/enterprise accounts.


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