How Do I Create a Kudoboard?

***If you're creating a board on a Business/Enterprise plan account, navigate here


1. Select + Create a Kudoboard from your Dashboard while logged in to your account, or go to the board creation page.

2. Select an occasion (birthday, anniversary, etc.), enter the first and last name of the recipient, as well as the title for your board (for example, Happy Birthday, Jane!).

Optionally, add more recipients by selecting Add Another Recipient and filling in their names.

Click Next when you're done.  

3. Choose whether you'd like a Multi Post board (Lite, Premium, or Milestone) or Single Post (Solo) board. Solo boards are great for the 1-to-1 or 1-to-many use cases where you will be the only board contributor. Learn more about this board type here: Solo Boards

Next, select whether you'd like to collect funds for a gift card (this can be turned on and off in the board settings as well), then click Next

4. You will see multiple upgrade options: Lite Board ($5.99 USD), Premium Board ($8.99 USD), and Milestone Board ($19.99 USD). Additionally, you can choose a Premium Package.

Note: If you'd like to create a board for testing purposes to see if Kudoboard is a good fit for your use case, click try a free demo. You can always upgrade your Demo board to a paid option at any time for full functionality.

5. Select your board option, then Checkout

If selecting a Premium Package, select your package size (5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 board credits/year), then Checkout.

  • As the board creator, we do encourage you to be the first to post on the board to provide an example for your contributors. 
  • After adding your post, you can invite contributors to add to the board.
  • You can choose the online delivery option of your choice.
  • If you'd like to upgrade your board to a Lite, Premium, or Milestone board to increase your post limit and gain full board functionality as well as additional features, you can upgrade at any time. 


Tip: Once you choose an occasion, you can click the View Sample button on the left-hand side of the screen to see some board inspiration based on your choice! 




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