Setting an Annual Reminder to Create a Kudoboard

You can set up a reminder to create a Kudoboard for an upcoming occasion, like a birthday, anniversary, or holiday. When a reminder is set you will receive an email one week before the reminder date, letting you know it's time to create the Kudoboard. 

To set up a reminder, follow these steps:

  • When logged into your account go to If adding a reminder on a business plan go to your business plan landing page and add /reminders to the URL — for example, The Reminders page can also be reached by clicking the Reminders tab on the left hand side of your Dashboard.
  • When adding a reminder, add in the name of the recipient, the occasion, and the date of the event. 

  • The reminder will default to being annual. If you would prefer to create a one-time only reminder, uncheck 'Set annual reminder' at the bottom of Reminders page. 
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