How do I fix the "Content is outside the safe printable area" error?

We want to make sure that your content is not cut off, so we built in a system that checks for any errors.

When starting the book printing process you may see errors to the right in red below the book title area.

These errors must be corrected before you are able to move to the checkout page. 

To fix the errors:

1. Click the blue arrow next to the error text on the right side to view each error.

2. Click an error message to follow it to the corresponding page.

3. Either reduce the font size, reduce the photo size, or split the content into two separate pages until the red dotted line is gone. Repeat this process as needed for all errors.

4. Once there are 0 errors (which will be indicated by the error column below the book title) you can click "Continue to Payment" to move onto checkout. 

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