Why Am I Receiving a Mobile Device Error When Ordering a Book Print From a Desktop or Laptop Device?

Currently, you can only edit, customize, and order a book print when using a desktop or laptop device. There are two reasons you may be seeing the above error message when editing from a desktop or laptop device, and we, therefore, suggest trying the following:

  1. If your browser is zoomed in, please zoom out to between 80-100%. On a Mac the shortcut for this is "Command -" and on a Windows computer the shortcut is "Ctrl -"
  2. Make sure your browser window is full-screen. 

Because we do not allow book editing on mobile or tablet-sized devices, if your browser is zoomed in too far or not full screen, our system may think that you are editing on a smaller device (such as a phone or tablet). 

If you try the above and it does not resolve the error, please reach out to help@kudoboard.com with your device type (for example: Macbook Air) and a full screenshot of the error page. 

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