What can I edit in my book draft?

Currently, one post can be added per page in our 7" x 7" printed books. You also have the option to split a post across multiple pages. 

Using the edit tools at the top of each page, you can:

1. Change the font size (12 pt is the smallest font)


2. Reduce the size of the image by using the Edit Media button/enlarge the image or even make it full page



3. Split the content into separate pages until the red dotted line is gone/combine content from the same post onto the same page


4. You may also upload a new cover image directly from your book draft


Here are some guidelines when clicking "Make it full page" to help you better understand if your image fits on the front cover of your book and won't be cropped when printed. You can click the landscape icon shown above and choose "Adjust image crop" to refine your full-page image position if needed:

Image Positoning Guidance.jpg


Please note that you will not be able to edit the back cover of your book.


For a high level overview of the book draft editing process from start to finish, view our Editing Tutorial below: 





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