Why Aren't My GIFs Playing?

Per our site's accessibility settings, GIFs don't play on our site if your computer has a prefers reduced motion setting enabled — this setting is an accessibility feature that is especially useful for people who experience motion sickness or vertigo.

If your GIFs aren't playing, we recommend checking your computer's settings to see if the reduced motion setting is enabled and disable that feature if you want gifs to play on our site. 

To find the reduced motion setting on a Mac, follow these steps: 

  • On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Accessibility, then click Display.
  • Select Reduce motion.

To find the reduced motion setting on a Windows 10 PC, follow these steps: 

  • On your PC, choose Settings > Ease of Access > Display > Show animations in Windows
  • Select show animations in Windows

If there are further issues after this feel free to contact us at help@kudoboard.com so we can look into this closer for you. 

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