Email Troubleshooting

Below are some troubleshooting tips for when a Kudoboard email you were expecting has not been received: 

  • Ensure the correct email address was provided. Sometimes an account or invitation will be associated to an incorrect address resulting in the email not being delivered.
  • Check the spam folder. There's a good chance communications from us are being flagged or filtered by spam if you're subscribed to all email notifications and are still not receiving our emails. 
    • If you have a spam filter in place at work, ask your IT department to whitelist the following IP addresses:,, and
    • You can also create an email filter so that emails from and go directly to the inbox (highly recommended).
  • Ensure that you are subscribed to receive Kudoboard emails. The email preferences for your account can be viewed by logging in and going to
  • After following the above steps, please have the Kudoboard email re-sent to you. For example, if the email was regarding a board that was delivered to you, please reach out to the board creator so that they can re-deliver the board to you. If you have any questions on how to have various Kudoboard emails re-sent to you or if emails are continuing to not come through successfully, please reach out to
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