How do I edit or delete a Kudoboard post?

You will be able to delete or edit a post if:

  1. You are the board creator. Board creators can edit or delete any post on the board.
  2. You are the post creator. Board contributors can edit or delete a post they've created.
  3. You are an org admin (on business/enterprise accounts).

To edit a post:

1. Click the three dots in the bottom left corner of the post, which will open up a menu of editing options.


2. When performing a text edit, select the checkmark after completing your edit to save it. 


To delete a post:

     1. Click the three dots in the bottom left corner of a post.

     2. Click Delete. A deleted post will be permanently removed and irretrievable.  

Please note that if you choose to post without signing in as part of the process ('Skip Email'), you cannot come back later to edit or delete the post, as our system will not recognize you as the author. 





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