Does Kudoboard Offer Animated Backgrounds?

Yes! We have a selection of backgrounds that will animate when the board is viewed in recipient view (the board is automatically sent in recipient view when the board is delivered via email by way of -- method 1 HERE) and the intro animation is turned on. 

More on recipient view HERE.

More on the intro animation option HERE.

More on how to choose a background HERE.

All animated backgrounds are marked with an "ANIMATED" label in the bottom left-hand corner when in the background picker panel (click the Appearance button on the upper left-hand side of the board).

You can preview the animation by hovering over the background thumbnail and clicking the triangular play icon in the lower right-hand corner.

Click Exit preview in the upper right-hand corner of the animation preview when you're done. This will take you back to your previous screen (the board) and the background picker panel. 

To select the background, simply click anywhere on the thumbnail. 

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