How do I add a hyperlink to text in a post on my Kudoboard?

To hyperlink text please follow the below steps:

1. Go to the Kudoboard and find the post that you would like to add a link to.

2. Click the three dots located at the bottom left corner of the post and select Edit Message.


3. Highlight the text you would like to add a hyperlink to and click the chain icon. 


4. A new box will then appear, and you can add the link you'd like it to link to there. 

5. Click the checkmark once you are done adding a link, and then the link will be saved. You will know it is a link, as the text will now be blue. If this text is clicked the user will be taken to that link directly. 

6. It's also possible to hyperlink text while in the process of creating a new board post. Simply highlight the text you'd like to hyperlink, click the chain icon, enter the link, and click the check mark to save.




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