Creating an Online Memorial with Kudoboard


To create an online memorial using Kudoboard, go here:

Upgraded online memorial boards that allow unlimited posts cost $99 (one-time fee). Compared to the features included with $19.99 milestone boards, the online memorial option has several additional elements: 

  • Specialized Backgrounds/Language (tailored for this particular use)
  • Exportable content (download the high res versions images/videos for use elsewhere)
  • Personalized URL (put your honoree's name in the URL)
  • Embeddable Slideshow (put it on a separate memorial website)
  • Proactive Moderation (optionally set it so you have to approve posts before they show)
  • Multiple admins (allow several ppl to manage a board)

If you cannot afford a memorial board but want to use the product, reach out to us at We will provide a discount (or make it free) to make sure you are able to honor your friend, family member, or colleague.



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