Can I add a gift card / donation option to my Memorial board?

Unfortunately, our Full Memorial boards do not offer the option to turn the gift card feature on, as they can not be delivered to a 'recipient' (instead, our Memorial boards are dedicated to an 'honoree') and this is generally how the gift card would be redeemed by the 'recipient' on our other board types.

However, a workaround would be to create a direction post as the first post on the board and pin it to the top of the board. This post can include a message (possibly some words about the honoree) and a link to a donation page of your choice. 

To pin a post, login to your account and view the board. On the post you'd like to pin, select the ellipses in the bottom left of the post and in the dropdown menu, select Pin. This will allow all board contributors to see this post when they first view the board, as it will remain in its pinned place on the board regardless of other contributors' posts. Here's an example:


For more information on Memorial boards and to purchase this type of board, visit:

Alternatively, if the gift card option is most important to you when creating your Memorial board, we might suggest considering a Milestone or Company Event board instead:

Milestone Boards

Our $19.99 USD Milestone boards include these features:

  • Allow unlimited posts
  • Can be played as a slideshow
  • Custom Background
  • Allow gift card collection

For more information on Milestone boards and to purchase this type of board, visit:

Company Event Boards

Company Event boards -- which can be for any occasion, any person, and not only companies -- are single use boards that have all of the features of a business plan board (including multiple administrators, and gift card collection) but at a custom price. If you would like more information on Company Event boards and a quote, please reach out to
Details on Company Event boards: 


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