How can I turn my Kudoboard into a book?

Pricing: Books start at $32.99 USD and add $0.42/pg over 20 pages. There is a 20 page minimum and a 440 page maximum for book prints. 

To print and ship your board as a book, follow the steps below:

1.  When on the board, click "view as recipient" on the top right and then click "download/print"

2. From there you'll be taken to our printing page, where you'll be able to choose Book. Please note your book must have at least twenty pages or more for us to be able to print it.

3. Click continue and you'll be taken to a page where you can edit the layout of the book, as well as fix any errors that may be coming up in terms of layout.

4. Once the book is in the correct format, click "Continue to Payment" where you'll be prompted to enter your address/payment information, and choose the shipping option you'd like.

5. Enter in your card details and click "Place Order" below the total price. 

6. Once the order has been placed you'll get a receipt emailed to you with the payment information. Then, you'll receive a separate email including tracking information. 

Please note that all orders are final once purchased. Book orders cannot be edited once ordered, as the file that's captured when ordering is sent directly to our printing partners at Blurb where it begins printing.

For a high level overview of the book draft editing process from start to finish, view our Editing Tutorial below: 



We welcome any feedback you may have as you go through the book printing process. Feel free to submit an email to us at and we'll make sure to follow up.



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