'View as editor' versus 'View as recipient'

There are two ways to view a board, as an editor and as a recipient. You may toggle between both options on the board while the board is unlocked: 

1. View as editor

The '+ Add to Board' button is only available when viewing the board as an editor.

To view the board as the editor, click 'View as editor' (the pencil and paper icon) near the top righthand corner of the board:

2. View as recipient

When the board is delivered using the email system on our platform, the board is delivered in recipient view, which displays the board without the editable features like the '+ Add to board' button. 

To view the board as a recipient, click 'View as recipient' (the eye icon) near the the top righthand corner of the board:

Please note that when a board is locked, no edits can be made on the board. For this reason, the 'View as editor' and 'View as recipient' icons will no longer appear on the board:

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