Can I attach a gift card to the board I created?

Absolutely. It is possible to enable collection for a gift card on all Kudoboards except for Memorial Boards and boards that have been delivered.

Please note that you can not enable the gift card feature on boards with more than one recipient. We unfortunately do not have a way to split gift card amounts between recipients at this time. If your board has more than one recipient, you can enable the gift card feature by removing the recipient(s) in the board delivery (paper airplane icon) settings while viewing your board, until your board has only one recipient. Then, follow the below instructions. 


To add a gift card to the board you've created:

Click the Settings button with the gear icon on the upper left-hand side of the board:

Scroll down to the Gift Card section.


From the Status dropdown menu select Anyone can contribute or Only board creator can contribute.


Selecting Anyone can contribute will make it so that an Add to gift card button will show at the top of the board, visible to everyone you've sent the board link. Selecting Only board creator can contribute will make it so that only you, as the board creator (and any other admins on a business plan), will have access to the "Add to gift card" button.

Please note that all gift contribution amounts are anonymous and that all funds collected and displayed are in USD.

As funds get added to the gift card, the total amount contributed will display to the left of "Add to gift card". However, you can choose to hide the total collected from the board under the Gift Card section of the board settings


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