Special Occasions: Examples & Best Practices

Special Occasions


Celebrate specific recipient(s) on their next milestone.

Special occasions are all about celebrating and acknowledging the moments that matter. Typically, these types of boards are created on the team-level and delivered to someone(s) specific. 


Create Special Occasion Kudoboards for milestones & events like:


What makes a successful special occasion board? 

  • Before inviting contributors, add a quality post to showcase the type of engagement you'd like to see on the board
  • Depending on the occasion, allow at least one week for contributors to add to a board


Common features utilized for Special Occasions

Time savers, do aheads, and extra special gestures

We'd love to help brainstorm what could make your board even more successful. Schedule a time to meet via the link here or email us at success@kudoboard.com.

Curious about the default settings for this board category? Check out this resource.

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