Shout outs: Examples & Best Practices

Shout outs


Send back-and-forth appreciation between many colleagues on a single board.

Share the love on regular basis by creating a shout out board. By default, tagging and reactions are enabled on these boards, which allows peers to easily deliver praise. When a teammate or group is tagged, they're notified directly. Integrate with Slack or Teams to increase engagement even more.


Shout out ideas to get you started

What makes a successful shout out board? 

  • Add a Direction Post
  • Before inviting contributors, add a few quality example posts to showcase the type of engagement you'd like to see on the board
  • Encourage users to bookmark the board for easy access
  • Make your board Global 
  • Tag individual teammates or groups to notify them directly when they're mentioned
  • Enable engagement reminders on your board through Slack or Teams integrations or by Email
    • Notifications regarding new posts and tags are sent through those channels, as well as reminders to post for users who have been inactive
  • React and comment on posts 
  • Input core values into your site settings (admin panel> settings), and encourage team members to use the #corevalue to embody these values in their posts
  • In a live team meeting (in person or virtual), take time to share shout outs on a regular basis


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Curious about the default settings for this board category? Check out this resource.




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