Can I invite and update users on my business plan via spreadsheet upload?

Org admins on business trials, paid business plans, and enterprise plans can quickly update existing users via spreadsheet upload. New users can also be added as part of this process.

To update your users:

-Go to the Users tab of the Admin Panel. 

-Click Invite/ Update user(s)

-Select Update existing users or Invite New users

- If inviting new users via spreadsheet only, toggle to the Upload spreadsheet tab, download the template, enter your user data, and then re-upload the spreadsheet. You can choose to let Kudoboard notify these users that they've been invited to your plan, or you can do so yourself. 

-There are a couple of options for uploading a list of users: 1) Select Download current user data, make edits to your current list of Kudoboard users, and upload the updated file or 2) Upload a different file that has the data of the users you'd like to add/update. 


-Choose whether to archive any users that are not listed on the spreadsheet you'll be uploading.


-Choose whether to have new users notified by Kudoboard or you. 


-Select Upload


-You're all set! Kudoboard will automatically email you as soon as the user upload is complete. This email will mention whether the upload was 100% successful or if any data in the spreadsheet needs to be modified.

-Please note that during the upload process the Users tab will be briefly greyed out and changes to existing users will not be able to be made during this time. Refresh the page to check whether the upload is still in process. When the Users tab is no longer greyed out, this is also confirmation that the upload process has completed and that you can resume editing users in the Users tab.

Tip: Now that you've updated your users, consider creating Groups. Our Groups feature streamlines the process of tagging, inviting, and delivering to multiple users at once.

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