Creating Corporate Holiday Cards with Kudoboard

Organizations often use Kudoboard to create corporate holiday cards to send to their own employees or customers. It works particularly well if you want to give employees and/or management a chance to contribute meaningful messages, photos, or videos. There are a few different ways to set this up:

1. Create a single, uniform Kudoboard to send to all customers 

If you simply want to create a single board and allow all of your employees to contribute, then we’d recommend the milestone board option. You can customize the background, add your content, and then invite your colleagues to do the same. Once the board is finalized, you can lock it and send it as a link in your broader holiday message. This often works well for organizations that want to share a Kudoboard out with very large numbers of customers. 

2. Create a customized Kudoboard for each customer (manual)

If you want to create a customized board for a small number of customers, often the best option is a business plan. Please note that to ensure the boards aren't archived after your trial, you will need to upgrade to a paid account for this use case. 

3. Create a customized Kudoboard for each customer (bulk generated, automatic)

Once you have hundreds (or thousands) of customers, you may want the option to bulk create personalized holiday boards. It's the best of both worlds: personalization at scale.  If this sounds like you, reach out to us at We have options to bulk create boards for you with slight customizations on each one (so each board can have an individual customer's name, a unique link structure, etc.). New: If you are an Org Admin on an Enterprise plan, it is now possible to bulk create boards directly. Complete details on Kudoboard's bulk creation feature can be found here.


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