Adding an Audio Clip to a Post

To add an audio clip to your post on a Kudoboard: 

1. View the board and click + Add to board.

2. On the Add a Post page, choose Other media.

3. From the dropdown, under Audio, you can choose to Record an audio clip in post or Upload one from your computer. 

Note: Uploaded clips must be in .mp3, .wav, .ogg, .m4a, or .acc format.

When choosing Record, you'll want to ensure that your device has an available microphone built-in or hooked up. Your browser may ask you to allow access to your microphone. Feel free to choose the option that you're most comfortable with.

To record your message, simply click Start recording.

When you're done, click the red Recording button with the stop icon.

You'll be able to play your recording (triangular button) to review it, replay it from the beginning (circular arrow), or delete it (trashcan) and start again.

When uploading from your computer, click browse or drag and drop your audio clip into the Add a Post space.

Add any desired text to go along with your audio clip (optional) and click Post. Once uploaded to the board, your audio clip will look like this where it can be played directly from the board.



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