Can Contributors Make Their Posts Private?

Yes! The Private Posts feature is available on all $19.99 USD Milestone boards, $99 USD Memorial boards, and upgraded Business, Pro, & Enterprise plan boards: 

When the Private Posts feature is enabled, contributors can choose to set their post as: 

Public: Viewable by anyone with the board link

Private: Viewable only by them, the board creator, and the recipient

A couple of things to note: 

1. You'll want to send the board to the recipient via email by way of (method 1 HERE) to allow the recipient of the board to view posts that have been marked as private. 

2. If you enable the Private Posts feature, individuals add posts to the board and mark them as private, then you turn the Private Posts feature off later, the posts that have been marked as private will remain as such unless you individually update each post afterward.


Enabling the Private Posts Feature

As the board creator, to allow board contributors to set their post privacy

1. View the board while logged in as the creator. 

2. Click the Settings button on the upper left-hand side of the board.

3. In the side panel, under Extras, toggle on Private Posts (gray is off, blue is on).

When adding a post to the board, contributors can click the eye icon in the lower right-hand side of the Add a Post box next to their signature to set the desired post privacy (Public is the default setting).

When a contributor chooses to make a post Private, here's what their post will look like to them, the board creator, and the recipient. There will be an opaque black bar across the top of the post with a "Private Post" label and a lock icon in the upper left-hand corner that signifies that it has been marked as private.

The contributor who added the post as well as the board creator can also change the privacy setting of the post at any time by clicking the three dots in the lower left-hand corner of the post and choosing either Make Public or Make Private.

For all other board contributors, the post will be hidden with an explanatory message as seen below. This is also what the post will look like to the contributor who added the post if they choose to skip the email registration/login process prior to posting. In this case, our system can not identify them as the post author and they will not be able to update the privacy setting of the post after the fact.




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