How do I remove an image and upload a new one without deleting my message?

First, make sure that you are logged in to the account you used to add your contribution to the board, then: 

1. Click the three horizontal dots on the lower left-hand side of your post. 

2. Choose "Remove image" from the dropdown menu, then "Ok" on the confirmation pop-up. This will remove the current image from your post, leaving only your message. 

3. To add a new image, simply click the same three horizontal dots, and choose "Add media" from the dropdown menu. This will allow you to add a new image, GIF, or video to your post. 

Note: You can not add a photo collage to your message using this method. You will need to start from scratch in order to upload multiple images, in which case, we recommend copying and pasting your message into a note or Word document on your computer to ensure it is saved, deleting your original post (click the three horizontal dots > delete), and re-creating it using the "+ Add to board" button again. Then, you can create a photo collage. 

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