Can contributors add posts to a Kudoboard after it has been delivered?

Yes. As long as the board is unlocked, contributors are able to add posts to a board at any point, including after it's been delivered. Boards are able to be locked and unlocked by board creators, board admins, and -- on business and enterprise plans -- also by Org Admins.

To check to see if your board is locked or unlocked:

- Open the board

- Click the Settings button that looks like a gear


- Scroll down to the Administration section of the Settings menu to where it says Lock Board. If the board is unlocked -- and therefore able to receive posts -- the toggle will be gray. If the board is locked, the Lock Board setting will be toggled on and the toggle will be green.





Both the recipient(s) and the board creator will be notified via email if new posts are added to the board after it's been delivered (when email notifications are enabled). 

Tip: Have a new employee joining your team? Consider having your next Kudoboard be a welcome board -- it's an opportunity for the whole team to share welcoming messages and make the new team member's onboarding experience that much richer!

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