Is there a limit to the number of posts I can have on a Kudoboard?

The number of posts that can be added to boards created at varies depending on the board type:

Demo boards can accept up to 5 posts.

Mini Memorial boards can accept up to 10 posts.

Lite boards can accept up to 20 posts.

Premium boards can accept up to 100 posts.

Milestone boards and Full Memorial boards can accept an unlimited number of posts.

Boards can be upgraded to accept more posts at any time.

Business Boards - Unlimited Posts

All boards created through business and enterprise plans can accept unlimited posts. Pricing is based on the total number of users you give access to the system, including board creators and contributors.

If a single board with all of the bells & whistles of a business plan is a better fit, consider a Company Event.

Tip: Customize the url for your memorial or business board through clicking in to the board's settings.

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