How to Add Users On A Business or Enterprise Plan


Registered users are the people that will be interacting with boards on business and enterprise plans as board creators, board contributors, or both!

User registration settings can be found on [companyname] 

The most common ways to register users are: 

  1. With self-registration enabled

      • Users can register when they are invited to add to a board. When they add a post they will be prompted to register if they are new users. 
      • Users can register simply by going to your subdomain and creating an account
      • If you use SSO on your enterprise plan, and self-registration is enabled, users can register themselves when they login through SSO

2. Invite users via email to register themselves on your plan. 

You can invite a single user or multiple users to your plan via email by going to the users page on your admin panel ([companyname] and selecting Invite Users.

3. You can also invite folks to register via an invite link.

On your users page via your admin panel ([companyname] you can copy an invite link that you can add in a slack channel, MS Teams channel, email, etc that people can click to join your plan. invite_link.jpg

In general:

  • Creating a board and allowing contributors to self-register is typically the easiest way to invite users to your site. 
  • If there are a subset of users whom you want to make admins or who will help you create/manage Kudoboards, it may be easiest to add directly through the admin panel. 
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